Thursday, September 23, 2010

Muppet Violence and "Greater Fool" Theory

An interesting philosophical question emerges from this. Who is the true idiot in this clip? On initial review, the predatory monster would seem to be an imbecile for thinking that a bunny disguise would be even remotely convincing (he's approx. 10x the mass of the bunny prey items, has horns, is clearly an obligate carnivore, carries an enormous killing club, unblinking and greed-crazed eyes, etc.). However, his tactics seem to be highly effective in practice. Is he a lucky fool who simply stumbled across an even more ignorant form of life to predate upon, or a clever game theorist who predicted this outcome? Perhaps the song lulled the unsuspecting rabbits into the illusion that this freak was interested in inter-species camaraderie??