Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mitt Work 2: Jab Catch w/ Jab Counter

Here are a few slip/roll counters being worked (similar to the ones in the previous focus mitts clip; guys like Mayweather and Roy Jones have specialized in some of these counters). This time, the initial series starts by catching the opponent's jab and firing back with your own immediately, then slipping in for the left body shot, left hook to the head, right hand to the face, left to the body, right to the body, left hook to the head, big right hand. You then stay in the pocket and use head movement to avoid being lit up, while continuing to hit him with combinations.

The entry with the jab catch and counter-jab is an aggressive closing technique of particular use against taller opponents, and to pull it off you really cannot hesitate after you shoot your jab; make the jab pretty stiff so you can come in behind it and nail that first left to the body. In my opinion, you also need to use a high guard as your fighting platform.  The idea here is that you cannot just stay on the outside and try to trade 1s and 1-2s with a very tall fighter who knows how to use his reach advantage---you have to close and use hooking combinations to the body and head. 

Another small modification is the use of a simultaneous left body shot while weaving under your opponent's lead hook; this is a surprisingly hard shot to absorb (!). Coming up out of the roll the counter is the rhythmic 2-3-2 (right straight, left hook, right straight)  

Monday, June 24, 2013

"Cave Sex..."

(thanks to Ian Wendt of Special Circumstances for sending me this one)