Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Theoretical Physics, Cocaine, and Czech Bikini Model Honey Traps

(Brasenose College, Oxford, where Frampton received two doctoral degrees)

In a fascinating example of how extraordinary analytical competence in one domain may not be correlated with so-called "mating intelligence" for navigating the sexual marketplace, Professor Paul Frampton---a theoretical physicist many believe to be a logical candidate for the Nobel Prize---joined an online dating site and began an internet dialogue with someone he believed to be famously well-endowed Czech bikini/lingerie model Denise Milani.

Hope apparently does spring eternal---the divorced, 70ish physicist was pleased to learn that the voluptuous Milani was looking to escape from her life as a pin-up star and wanting to settle down and raise a family. The two began planning a romantic life together, and Frampton was asked to come to South America to "join Milani on a photo shoot."

Perhaps few readers will be surprised that the whole scenario turned out to be part of an elaborate ruse used by a smuggling gang to acquire an unlikely human asset, and that the hapless Frampton was promptly arrested for narco-trafficking in Argentina with a suitcase containing blow (while Denise was nowhere to be found).

The full story makes for highly entertaining reading.  Please enjoy:

 Frampton's Cocaine Adventure


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