Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Donovan on Training

"I write for a species of man that does not yet exist."


Inspiring writing on training philosophy---S&C, MMA---and physical culture from Jack Donovan's excellent A Sky Without Eagles :

"Why bother?

"Given the investment of time and the potential loss of productivity, I think it's important to think about your motivation.  What reasons can justify working to become physically stronger or faster or more agile or more skillful than necessary to be 'fit enough' to survive in the modern environment?

"One could argue that the modern, First World lifestyle is unsustainable.  As any evolutionary biologist would point out, environments change, and part of being 'fit enough' means being able to survive potential changes to your environment.  It's naive to assume that things will always be as they are now.

"....Martial arts training is the manliest kind of training, because its end is directly related to the primary role of men---fighting and defending.  

"...A man can train to attract women, but men will admire him more if he trains to scare other men.  

"...Acting and behaving 'as if' brings me to the conclusion I finally reached in my own search for a higher, better reason for spending so many hours of my life in the gym, maintaining and improving my dying body.  

"I train for honor.

"I train because I refuse to be a soft ambassador of this Age of Atrophy.  And I refuse to be a shuffling, slobbering, potato chip gobbling evidence of modern decay.

"I refuse to be 'Exhibit A.'

"...The athletic potential of the male body is wasted on the modern world.  The best of us occupy ourselves by training to perform tricks and play games, but our bodies are built for work and for action.  Men are capable of Herculean labors, and the male machine wants, at the apex of its potential, to be hurled in a warp spasm of muscular inertia at danger and, ultimately, death.  

"I don't train to be 'fit enough' for the modern world, or to gain the esteem of the average modern man.  I train because somewhere in my DNA there's a memory of a more ferocious world, a world where men could become what they are and reach the most terrifyingly magnificent state of their nature.  I don't train to impress the majority of modern slobs.  I train to be worthy enough to *carry water* for my barbarian fathers, and to be worthy of the company of men most like them alive today..."


This book practically crackles with powerful quotes and key insights.  In my view, Jack Donovan and his strategic partners at places like Pulse Firearms Training are really systematizing a new masculine synthesis that goes way beyond hobbies and side interests and into core lifestyle design and systems for potentiation of the human animal.  What a great group of guys.