Thursday, June 4, 2015

Some Slick MMA

Dos Anjos and Pettis show how it is done.  Enjoy.

Couple of quick observations:

1.  Holding mitts for Dos Anjos is Rafael Cordeiro, former head coach at the Chute Boxe Academy (back in the wild old days).

2.  Check out RDA's elegant, hyperefficient overhook sweep at about 1:39.  In my opinion, that's a very important sweep if you are interested in street-optimized MMA and a potentially weapons-unrestricted environment.  In fact, the whole larger whizzer game seems to be evolving and becoming a very strong tactical focus.

3.  Some interesting S&C footage of RDA undergoing explosive S&C training (i.e., full acceleration through the entire range of the movement).