Thursday, June 4, 2015

Some Slick MMA

Dos Anjos and Pettis show how it is done.  Enjoy.

Couple of quick observations:

1.  Holding mitts for Dos Anjos is Rafael Cordeiro, former head coach at the Chute Boxe Academy (back in the wild old days).

2.  Check out RDA's elegant, hyperefficient overhook sweep at about 1:39.  In my opinion, that's a very important sweep if you are interested in street-optimized MMA and a potentially weapons-unrestricted environment.  In fact, the whole larger whizzer game seems to be evolving and becoming a very strong tactical focus.

3.  Some interesting S&C footage of RDA undergoing explosive S&C training (i.e., full acceleration through the entire range of the movement).


  1. Beasts. The angle he cuts with his hips just prior to that Pendulum-sweep is practically a game unto itself. There are so many options a guy can hit from there (not to mention its survival-value under a big strong opponent), and yet I think a lot of players gloss over it. I really dig that overbook-variant vs. the more common drag. Great vid, Seb. Thanks!

  2. Hey bro! I agree re: the overhook. BJ Penn has a platform that he calls "Damn Good Guard" that basically has a left overhook to neutralize the opponent's right arm, while the right knee is used to help trap down the opponent's left arm and set up some tricky subs.

    I feel like the overhook is frequently underused, especially in half-guard bottom where the usual fight is over the underhook. The traditional underhook-centric half-guard game just doesn't stop a GSP or Jon Jones from posting up and dropping bombs on the poor guy on the bottom!

    Add the opponent's potential access to a weapon as something you need to neutralize in that mix and the overhook might make all the difference in the world...

  3. BJ Penns Book of Knowledge is a great MMA resource that got lost in my library. I am going to have to wipe the dust off my copy and review it again. It was commentaries like these from you that convinced me to switch to combat sports years ago for fun and self protection. It is really remarkable how much the personalities from the forums over the last decade have influenced my life decisions for the better. Thanks for popping smoke to let us know your alive and well with these cool little mini posts.

  4. Can I get your email address?

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  6. Martialis: Thanks, my friend! Great to hear from you. How is the training going?

    Cinderella: are you @ Bloggyland?

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